Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Girl and her Hawk

Well technically this post is about two days ago, but what the hey it's my blog so I'm allowed to alter time to match these headings.

I guess the thing most people want to know about is the damn hawk that was recently in my care. An injured red tail hawk came under my supervision 2 days ago with a bad mite infestation and a serious case of the munchies. Red tails are protected under Federal Law and I don't have the means to really rehabilitate a hawk so I called the nearest 2 centers for animal rehabilitation, but was turned down because of the mites and the possibility they might spread to some of the younger birds in their facilities. They didn't tell me keep the bird, but they didn't say throw it back outside either so...

Malachi dominated my bathroom sink, but sacrifices have to be made when you have a mother f*cking hawk living with you

...I put it to roost in my bathroom. My bathroom is basically the same size as a typical falconry mew and I only intended to house it for a few days while I worked on its mites. I dubbed him (or her) Malachi and got to work with dusting the bird for mites. I have to say it was a surreal experience. Every time I went to the bathroom there would be this huge bird of prey eying me from the sink. When I used the toilet it would politely turn its head-- what a gentleman! It even started to eat out of my hand with ease after a couple of hours and I got it to rest on my arm a couple times while I cleaned out its water dish or fed it.

However, day 2 of the event was destined to be the last day. I was given the number of a Northern California rescue center by one of the Oregon facilities and they got back to me in the morning about retrieving the bird. Around 4 we said our good byes as the guy sent to pick the brid up let me place him into his cage. It was kinda cool how the bird had learned to trust me so quickly and didn't react at all as I scooped it up, whereas when the guy got near it, it would puff up and make this rasping noise in irritation. I had one hell of a feathery homeslice, and dare I say it, I think we bonded!

After the bird was gone the police swung by because someone I know thought I was being irresponsible with the bird, assumed I planned on keeping it as a pet, and called the police department. I know housing a protected bird is technically illegal, but I had no intention of keeping it, and I hope the person who called realizes that the fine for keeping a bird of prey as a pet without the proper license is comparable to a DUI. So thanks to possibly getting me really screwed, I appreciate that. Anyway, I did what I could for it and helped it get where it needed to be so it can get the proper treatment.

I was kinda weary of the doorbell at that point, but the next visitor was bearing awesome gifts! The mailman delivered a package from my beloved Zammie and it was filled to the brim with goodies! She bought me a really cute hoodie, lots of shirts, two itty-bitty school uniform skirts and my very first Sugar Pill cosmetics ever! She's such a sweetheart and I just adore her and y'all should to! If you ever need more pink or frills or cute in your life I recommend her Etsy shop 'cause it's full of whimsy and wonder!

A super cute note, some of my new swag and Zammie's amazingly designed business cards

Well the hawk being gone opened up my night so I went out with Stacy and met up with a big group at Alex's for open mic. I've gotta say nothing quite compares to having a cold beer while listening to original 9and sometimes covered) live music performed by our many friends.

My favorite red-head harem at Alex's

There were some crazy songs that literally got the whole bar groovin', but I didn't feel at liberty to snap photos and blind them so you're going to have to try to picture the fastest fingers on a tiny mandolin and two acoustic guitars on fire with pure Southern soul ringing from them. Oh and there was a harmonica wailing like a storm cloud too.

Some cute outfits and killer dance moves!

When the shows ended we finished our mingling and decided to head out, but we needed to walk off the buzz before any of us did anything stupid. Seth Stacy and I ended up sobering up at the nearby park by pretending to be...strippers.

I had no idea Stacy could be so nimble in a mini-skirt or that Seth had those crazy moves! I'm not very adept at anything physical so all I could do was go straight down the pole, but Stacy spun like a damn top and Seth was like Spiderman going upside down and doing flips and stuff. It was pretty rad to have the whole park to ourselves to mess around in.

He says my hair and his eyes match very well and I agree!

My arrival back home wasn't the best. My current foster kitten, Lafayette, hasn't been fairing well the past few days and last night he really took a turn for the worse. I've had him since the day he was born and I know he's a fighter with a vivacious personality, a love of food and crying and more gusto than a kitten his age should have. But when I went to give him his regular night feeding he was listless, lethargic and rigid. I tried to keep him warm by me all night and feed him when he would eat, but he just continued to deteriorate. This morning he wasn't fairing any better so I waited for the vet to open and took him in to get examined. I'm in a bit of a financial bind so I wasn't ready to put out for extensive blood work or medication, especially because I realize kittens that young already have a high mortality rate. But damn it he's been a fighter since day one so I put it in my mind that he was going to make it!

The patented "cat burrito" method for feeding

The vet informed me he probably had inherited cat herpes that had taken effect and caused respiratory problems which led to his lack of nutrition and dehydration. The vet also said he had a very slim chance of surviving unless he got a kitty-IV and some medication, but like I said I'm broke so I had to decline. The staff was so wonderful though and moved by Lafayette's story that they gave little Lala the IV free of charge as well as a week's supply of antibiotics to help him beat this thing. They wished me the best and so far I've seen some change in Lafayette. He's mewing again, his core temperature has raised and I can get some drops of milk in him now every half hour or so. We're gonna fight through this and I'm going to see him grow up into a beautiful cat!

Little Lala waking up from a nap

P.S. Happy 50th birthday to my beloved mom and I'm sorry I can't spend this momentous occasion with you, but I hope you're having a blast!

Au revoir,

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aghhh the hawk is melting my heart!!! So so cute ;__; YA NEVER MENTION ANYTHING ON FB I GUESS cuz people are going to fucking call the cops on you >___> asshats.

Anyway I'm glad you liked your goodies and I LOVE YOU TOO!

T_____T I refuse to let little Lala give up. He NEEEEDS to grow up so he can rough house with pancake and xander ;_;

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