Sunday, September 12, 2010

Peep Show: 9.12.10

Well I've been really bad about updating this the last few days. Sorry for the delay, but I was just having too much fun with my pals! This week has been pretty hectic with plenty of cooking, shopping and playing so I'm just going to sum it up with a few pictures instead of a lengthy text:

A little earlier in the week Amanda and Stacy came by for martinis and dinner, so while Amanda was mixing up our choice beverage for the evening (chocolate martinis) I was cooking up a bacon and asiago chicken buccatini pasta with fresh parsley, basil, onions and tomatoes from the garden.

Fresh herbs, Amanda at the table, mixing ingredients and marshmallow cookies!

Since we were already on a chocolate binge the next day Stacy and I set about baking some chocolate inspired cookies. The first batch had dark chocolate chips, marshmallows and plenty of cocoa powder. They were soo good fresh from the oven and all ooey-gooey! The second batch was smaller and we nixed the marshmallows so we could throw in some heavy whipping cream and Bailey's alcohol for some tiny tea cookies. These were scrumptious as well!

The nearby town of Talent was having its annual Harvest Music Festival and our friends in Jive Coulis were playing so naturally we attended it. It was a pretty cool shindig with lots of our friends and some killer break dancers ( whom I was unable to snap pics of). Us girls brought our dogs along as dates, but Renard was more interested in Parker's kitten, Alma, than the music!

Renard and I, Indian lookin' fly, Laura and Alma, Parker and Alma

That about sums up this week. I had loads more pics, but you have to understand that doing these frames for each picture is literally sucking the life out of me... When I find a more economical way of doing this then expect more photo-heavy updates!

Au Revoir,

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These pictures are so pretty *_* I love the one with you! Actions are really helpful in PS and its what I use to add the white around my etsy images. But yea here is a tutorial on how to: So basically you would open your image,paste the transparent frame image and then change the image size. Then the action will remember all of that and all you'd have to do is hit play! I don't know which versions of PS don't do this so you'll just have to try XD But they are so god damn helpful!

(: Hope you can figure it out and hope it helps you!

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