Monday, September 20, 2010

Peep Show: 9.20.10

I've been out and about a lot this week, so it's hard to remember what went down, where, who I was with and what I was wearing, but let me do my best to try and recap all this...

Well since I recently dyed my hair pink I figured I needed to be out letting the last bit of Summer dazzle off of my lovely pink tresses, so I hit the park a lot with Stacy, Amanda and our pack of dogs. I swear, we all got the pick of the litters because all our canine companions are great! Renard and Chevalier and I have grown a lot closer these last couple of weeks because it's just been us living together in the big house. You can tell we love to cuddle!

Dog pile with Ren-chan and Chevalier, Amanda with Miss Kaia and Stacy with Indiana Jones

I'm no meteorologist, but I'm assuming the days of Summer are gone now, and the recent rain showers have been supporting that theory! Stacy, Laura, Amanda and I took shelter from the cold weather at a local Japanese restaurant and did a whole bunch of sake bombs (and walked responsibly).

Bulgogi with veggie tempura, firecracker rolls, salmon sushi and california rolls

However, a few sake bombs weren't going to satisfy us on our day off so we walked to the local market and picked up some plum wine, Brut champagne and a peach to create Plum Peach Perfections! It's actually a very sweet drink and sneaks up on you so make sure you're not planning on...moving...much.

On our way to the market to get ingredients for P.P.P!

The girls and I decided to have a nice sit down dinner last night so I threw on my apron, filled up my bags with ingredients and platters and whisked myself away to their condo to do some heavy duty pasta cooking. On the menu was chicken and sage sausage pasta in a rose sauce, plums with chevre and cracked pepper and an heirloom tomato mascarpone salad. My mom also happened to entrust four delicious cupcakes from Mrs. Delish's bakery in my care so I brought those over as well. Let me brag about my cooking skills here-- the meal was fantastic. Nothing makes food taste better than good friends, jazz music and griping about men!

mascarpone salad with fresh heirlooms and basil and peppered chevre plums, chicken and sausage pasta in a bell pepper rose sauce, vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes from Mrs. Delish

I think that covers the last three days pretty well, but there's never enough time or room to blog when you're always adventuring. Hope you're all having a lovely time enjoying the last days of Summer!

Au revoir,

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TOT I WANT TO EAT IT ALLLLLLl!!! haha I love how the black glasses look with your hair! I love your pictures *3* keep a bloggin keep a bloggin!!!!

Posted by Blogger Studio Cutecake @ September 21, 2010 at 1:15 AM #
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