Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Self-Proclaimed Bootist: Fall 2010

I'm not really affiliated with any religion, but if I had to pick one I guess I would say that I'm a "Bootist". That is, I follow the Order of the Boot, and I wear only fashionable, comfortable and exquisite boots. There are no disgusting lamé or quilted boots in my closet, nor do I own Uggs or anything with fringe. With boot season quickly approaching I did a once over on the boot section of my closet and realized something very distressing though: I don't own any 2009/2010 fashionable Fall or Winter boots!

I've been anticipating Fall and Winter because it means I can pull out my boots and strut my stuff without getting stinky boot-foot from the Summer heat. But what's better than wearing boots is wearing boots with the awesome Hunting/Preppy theme that designers have been showcasing this year and last! I didn't get to try it last year, but after seeing Tommy Hilfiger's 2010 Fall lineup of boots I am dying with eagerness to get my hands on a pair of duck boots or some Sorels!

Tommy Hilfiger, Vince Camuto, Ralph Lauren and Giesswein Zwaring

What really strikes me about this whole look is how the designers juxtapose the feminine with the masculine. Duck boots aren't innately sexy, but how Hilfiger adds the heel and the OTK laces just makes them so incredibly irresistible. Monarchy finishes the look by adding whimsical equestrian details like capes, khaki and plaid. Put it all together and you feel like you're going on a fox hunt or you're off to an early century University back East! So classy you don't need a mudroom, horse or rifle to justify owning these boots!

Monarchy Fall 2009

Au Revoir,

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