Friday, September 3, 2010

Introducing Me, the Author!

Against my better judgement and my fear of being found in the real world, I'm going to open up and introduce myself properly (because most of the people reading this know me anyway).

My name is Aja Reichenbach and I'm flourishing in beautiful Ashland, Oregon. I'm currently an English major at the local university. My current job as a creative assistant for an international fashion boutique allows me to merge my three loves or writing, designer clothing and my paycheck.

If I'm not studying or working then I am with Renard on an adventure! I tend to do half my adventuring at home whether it's through reading, writing or my art. There are also my culinary adventures that I'm eagerly looking forward to showing y'all.

In addition to all this junk I am an epicure of fine foods, art and men. I like to model with my friends in our amateur photo shoots (I'm an admitted cam whore. Also, I don't really smoke; they're prop cigs). I also enjoy sleeping and listening to good music (which is not mainstream rap or auto-tunes. Good music takes hard work). Blogging has become a new item on my repertoire, but so far I like it too.

Essentially I am one-part adventurer, one-part egotist, one-part pet owner and one-part vodka. I hope you enjoyed our introduction and it's lovely to meet you!

Au Revoir,

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing Renard Roux

Well, the blog is called The Enchanting Adventures of Renard Roux, so I guess y'all should be introduced to Renard properly! Renard is a St. Bernard and Akita mix (probably with Retriever and Border Collie in there somewhere too) that I rescued from the San Jose Animal Shelter on July 28th, 2008. I originally saw him online, but didn't think much of him, so when I met him in person with Zambi, Momo and Lin, I was smitten. He was six months old, ultra chill and not as fat as he is now.

We had a tenuous relationship in the beginning. He was on the streets for a while and a lot of things around the house and in my world (cars, stairs, sliding glass doors, wood floors etc) made him uneasy. I wasn't the best owner either as I was still attached to my other dog and got Renard simply to fill that void (whoops, don't follow in my footsteps!). After a view months, however, we really hit it off and as more time passed the more we grew to trust and understand one another. He learned to respect my study time and I learned how to play games his way. Soon an unbreakable relationship was forged!

Today Renard and I are inseparable. We do everything together, and yes I mean eat, sleep, shower and...more. Not only is Renard my most valued companion, but he's also damn good looking so he's kind of my favorite "accessory". Hence why this soon-to-be fashion blog is named in his honor-- he's the one really calling the shots in Ashland's fashion scene! Hopefully in the next few weeks you'll see the kind of fashion Renard likes straight from the streets of Ashland as well as our daily outfits. Stick around to learn more about Renard and I, our food, our fashion and our lives!

Au Revoir!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hello there! Because this is the first post I guess it's only proper to introduce myself, so here it goes:

I'm Aja Reichenbach and as of now I am twenty-two years old and living in Ashland, Oregon with my beautiful mutt and partner in crime, Renard Roux. I'm currently an English major and Renard is my full-fledged sidekick who keeps the peace amongst the other animals while I'm away at school. We like to cook together (me because I enjoy cooking. Renard because he likes getting free food) and we do a lot of looking fly together too. Hopefully you'll stick around and see the world through our eyes one tasty morsel and pair of Jeffrey Campbells at a time.

Au revoir!

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